DOT Traffic
Problem with iOS 13

The release of iOS 13 has presented a problem affecting all of the regional and city-named traffic apps listed below.

DOT traffic, the consolidated app that includes all cities and regions, is NOT affected

I have a fix for the problem affecting the city and region apps. I have submitted it to Apple, but Apple have refused it. After more than ten years of publishing my traffic camera apps they have changed their policy and no longer allow me to offer separate apps for specific cities or regions.

"Your app provides the same feature set as many of the other apps you've submitted to the App Store; it simply varies in content or language."

I regret this disruption. I previously found and fixed the problem, releasing an update to the DOT Traffic app in time for iOS 13.
I did not expect that traffic apps built with Xcode 10 and already released to the App Store would be broken by the compiler change in Xcode 11.
iPhone app for Highway Cameras
Tap to select

  • Canada
  •   Alberta highways - 261 cameras

  •   British Columbia Ferries and terminals - 33 cameras

  •   British Columbia Highways - 881 cameras - NOT AFFECTED

  •   Calgary roads and highways - 146 cameras

  •   Toronto roads and highways - 283 cameras

  •   Vancouver roads and highways - 32 cameras

  • New Zealand
  •   Auckland - 81 cameras

  •   North Island - 26 cameras

  •   Wellington - 18 cameras

  • USA
  •   Atlanta, GA - 381cameras

  •   Chattanooga, TN - 61 cameras

  •   Cincinnati, OH - 121 cameras

  •   Harrisburg and Allentown, PA - 256 cameras

  •   Houston, TX - 562 cameras

  •   Minneapolis, MN - 410 cameras

  •   Philadelphia, PA - 317 cameras

  •   Phoenix, AZ - 152 cameras

  •   Pittsburgh, PA - 197 cameras

  •   Portland, OR - 120 cameras

  •   Seattle, WA - 369 cameras

  •   Spokane, WA - 81 cameras

  •   Tacoma, WA - 317 cameras

  •   Washington Ferries - 45 cameras

  • List view provides one-tap access to all cameras

  •  Scroll down for other highways

  •  Tap Favorites to switch to your custom list of favorites

  • Camera view

  •  View the current traffic conditions

  •  DOT camera network updates the snapshots continuously. Tap refresh icon to get the latest

  •  Tap Previous or Next to view the next camera on the highway

  •  Tap Favorite to build a custom list of the cameras that matter to you

  •  Tap Map to see the camera location

  • Map view

  •  View the whole network or zoom in to select

  •  Tap a pin to identify a camera

  •  Tap the i to switch to camera view

  • Map view selected from Camera View

  •  Selected camera is highlighted

  •  Zoom to view congestion indication

  •  Tap < Back to return to Camera View

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