Auckland Traffic
iPhone app for Highway Cameras on Auckland's motorway network
Tap Auckland to select

List view provides one-tap access to 81 cameras

  •  Scroll down for other highways

  •      Northern Motorway
  •      Southern Motorway
  •      Northwestern Motorway
  •      Upper Harbour Motorway
  •      Southwestern Motorway

  •      Tap Favorites to switch to your custom list of favorites

  • Camera view

  •  View the current traffic conditions

  •  NZTA camera network updates the snapshots every two minutes

  •  Tap Previous or Next to view the next camera on the highway

  •  Tap Favorite to build a custom list of the cameras that matter to you

  •  Tap Map to see the camera location

  • Map view

  •  View the whole network or zoom in to select

  •  Tap a pin to identify a camera

  •  Tap the i to switch to camera view

  • Map view selected from Camera View

  •  Selected camera is highlighted

  •  Zoom to view congestion indication

  •  Tap < Back to return to Camera View

  • Download the app
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    Auckland Traffic app includes traffic networks in Wellington and Christchurch

    Auckland Traffic
    The Auckland Traffic Network is now included in our DOT Traffic app which also covers cities and regions in Canada and the USA.
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    DOT Traffic
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