Wellington Traffic
iPhone app for Highway Cameras on Wellington's highway network
Tap Wellington to select

List view provides one-tap access to 18 cameras

  •  Scroll down for other highways

  •      Wellington SH1
  •      Wellington SH2
  •      Wellington CityLink

  •      Tap Favorites to switch to your custom list of favorites

  • Camera view

  •  View the current traffic conditions

  •  NZTA camera network updates the snapshots every two minutes

  •  Tap Previous or Next to view the next camera on the highway

  •  Tap Favorite to build a custom list of the cameras that matter to you

  •  Tap Map to see the camera location

  • Map view

  •  View the whole network or zoom in to select

  •  Tap a pin to identify a camera

  •  Tap the i to switch to camera view

  • Map view selected from Camera View

  •  Selected camera is highlighted

  •  Zoom to view congestion indication

  •  Tap < Back to return to Camera View

  • Download the app
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    Wellington Traffic
    Comments, questions or suggestions - email to traffic@stanton.nz